Accolade and Scotti:

Scotti specializes in the softer side of your development. A side that on time’s we find hard to hold onto amongst the daily pressures of life, or the daily pressures that comes when working professionally with your mediumship.

Scotti’s role with Accolade is to be sure that you keep in touch with your spiritual self.

Whether it be spiritual healing, mediumistic awareness, angel/crystal readings, understanding that link to your higher self or any other favourable spiritual practice, she will be sure to keep you grounded as well as helping you to always remain focused on the very reason why you love doing what you do so much – to love your spiritual self.  

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How to Trust Intuition for Inner Guidance 9/3/2013

by Debra Moffitt on FEBRUARY 27, 2013 

 “Intuition is the voice of our soul,” says intuitive Scotti Putnam Holloway. Scotti is the founder of SP Divine Explorations. She has studied with incredible teachers including bestselling authors, Sonia Choquette and Doreen Virtue, and she travels worldwide to do readings and teach about intuition. I’ve watched her trust her intuition to grow her business and to use it as a way to be of service to others. In the following interview she helps us understand what intuition is and ways to allow it to guide us especially during challenging times.

Q: More and more people are realizing that there’s something more than just the rational mind that guides and prompts us. Some of us call it soul-Self, Higher Power, Spirit and it nudges us into action through intuition. How would you define intuition?

Scotti: I define Intuition as that ancient old wisdom or “knowing” that we are all born with and as we learn to listen, develop and act upon the messages from this beautiful higher power, we rediscover that which we have always known. Simply put, Intuition is the voice of our soul.

Q: What are some of the best ways to develop intuition and to learn to trust it?

Scotti: There are four separate steps that I talk about in my classes that help one tap into and develop their intuition. The first is to simply be open to being intuitive. Many of us block this gift from our everyday life fearing judgement from others. The second is to expect to hear this knowledge as we ask Divine Spirit for information. The next is to trust the information that you receiving when it comes to you in its many forms of arrival. And the last would be to Act on the information that you have been given. The more that we respond to this information from our higher self, the more information that we will receive.

Q: What have been some of the ways that your intuition has guided you?

Scotti: My intuition truly guides every moment of my daily life very much like having my own personal GPS system. By listening to and being in tune to the subtle messages  from Divine Spirit, I have made healthy decisions in different areas of my life  including finding the new building for my business, creating and surrounding myself with a community of happy, healthy like minded soul family, and have most recently found a beautiful house in a wonderful neighbourhood that I have long admired. Yes, this sacred guidance system has never led me astray.

Q: A lot of people seem to be experiencing tough times especially with finances, jobs and the economic challenges. How can intuition help guide the way through this?

Scotti: It does seem that the fear base of the collective whole is at an all-time high which leads to a tough time in staying grounded and centered and truly listening to our intuition. It is important during these times to check in daily with yourself and tune into how you are feeling. What areas in your body are perhaps a little “off”? When trying to get through the tougher times in life and especially when faced with a difficult decision, simply stand still for a moment, take a deep breath in and ask yourself out loud whatever you are looking for an answer about. If the feeling that you receive after asking the question feels exciting or expansive, then you should proceed forward. Likewise, if the feeling that you feel after asking the question feels constricted or fearful, then it may not be the right move for you to make in that moment. For me personally, I think that the best way a person can stay in- tune with their higher self, is through the ritual of daily spiritual practice. This should be a part of your morning routine just as combing your hair or brushing your teeth is. We need to keep in mind that everyone’s definition of daily spiritual practice varies greatly. For me it is a simple, “Thank you, Thank you, Thank you” before my feet hit the ground, followed by a beautiful prayer from A Course in Miracles that states ”Where would you have me go? What would you have me do? What would you have me say? And to whom you have me say it to?” Giving myself to the service of others and truly expecting great things to happen during the course of my day.

Finally, I do a morning and an evening meditation. Please remember that It’s not so much about  what you do to connect with your higher self, it’s just important that you take the time to make the connection.

Scotti's biog:

Scotti Holloway knew at an early age her goal in life was to help enrich others with their own spiritual potential, Growing up in the small southern state of South Carolina, she found herself constantly picking up on information others were unaware of, her trust in her own intuition came at a very young age, She always knew what to say but didn't know how she knew, It was as if answers were being downloaded, and through this information, She was able to offer guidance and evidence to many people from a very young age.

From the ages 21 to 32, Scotti studied interior design and owned her own design company – until her life reached a pivotal turning point. She knew she wasn't working to her full spiritual potential and couldn't ignore her calling any longer. As soon as she made the decision to step forward along her true path, and with the right guides and mentors helping her, Scotti became very aware very quickly that her platform and mission was a global one.

Since then, Scotti’s developed an intuitive/healing/medium modality, and teaching style of her own. Empowering her students to recognize their own inner guidance and connection with their higher selves, bringing clear recognition of their own spirituality and link to spirit .Her intention is to raise the Vibration of the collective whole through guidance, awareness and pure joy! Scotti has studied with the best the USA has to offer, Sonia Choquette and Dr. Doreen Virtue to name just a few.

Scotti is a certified Six Sensory Practitioner, and a licensed Angel Therapy Practitioner, she has studied mediumship at The Arthur Findlay College in Stansted, UK and is a Usui Reiki Master teacher, teaching all levels of Reiki.

In 2008, Scotti founded Earth Angels Healing Arts Center to create a place for people, regardless of religion, to reconnect with their higher self. In 2009 and 2010, Earth Angels worked cooperatively with Spirit Moves motion studio, to infuse healing for the mind, spirit, and body together as a complete package. In 2010 she came together with Om Body to help create the Sacred Soul Center.






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