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Accolade & USA's best Scotti Holloway team up for 2012 - Margam Park, South Wales UK
Accolade & USA's best Scotti Holloway team up for 2012 - Margam Park, South Wales UK
18.08.2013 - 23.08.2013 16.00 h - 13.00 h
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Book and organise your very own six day training vacation with Accolade


 Three tutors three choices: 





Your investment: £399 - INCLUDES FULL BOARD STAY (breakfast, lunch and evening meal) TEA/COFFEE THROUGHOUT THE DAY AND ALL COURSE MATERIALS.

NOTE: The price per person is based on two people sharing a room.

Single room supplement £65.00

Day delegate rate for the student who wishes to go home at evenings: £341.00


START DATE: 18th August 2013


END DATE: 23rd August 2013


PLEASE NOTE: there will be three classes on this week running side by side, ranging from the beginner to more advanced student or working Medium, unless you have requested a particular tutor/course, students will be placed in their class according to experience and filled questionnaires.

Accolades Guest Tutors

Accolades training vacations pride themselves in bringing in as much of an experience as possible for the student, and this week will hold no exception, because as well as Accolades Paul and Deborah being there for you, you will also have the pleasure of benefiting from our guest tutors in any one of the evening classes.

Our guest tutors will give you the chance to explore other disciplines used within Your Mediumship, giving you the chance to really get the most out of the week.

Our guest evening class tutors for this week: information to follow shortly (sorry for the delay)

 Your Tutors for the week:


One of USA finast intuative teacher Mediums        Scotti Holloway - go to Scotti's web page


The Foundations to Perfection! (mixed abilities) 

This course is about new experiences, opening your thoughts, adopting new ways of complementing your already trusted practice, and in turn strengthening your communication with your guides

                        Whether it be spiritual healing, mediumistic awareness, angel readings or any other favourable spiritual practice, they all have many aspects to its build, and although many of us tend to practice only one area, it's so important to be familiar with as many of the disciplines as we possibly can, many healers, spiritual artists, energy readers and much more attend Accolade’s courses, and many working on a professional basis.  

Why do we get such a mix attending our courses? because it helps exercise a discipline that they all use when healing, passing on energy, reading auras etc “your mediumship”, yes it's true. All great healers are also great mediums, now that does not mean that these fantastic healers have always or had any wish to conduct one to one readings or demonstrate to audiences and make a living with their mediumship, but what they have learned over the years is, by practicing using their mediumship in an evidential way it builds confidence and trust when working with their healing guides, and confidence in building that link with loved ones passed, and in turn this greatly compliments your healing gifts. Basically the more we are able to expand our minds, the more developed we become and easier it is for our guides and loved ones to work with us.   

Our own spirituality is more aware of what we need than ourselves; we live in modern times with modern development, our loved ones passed have taught us much over the centuries and proved to us many times over, that embracing as much experience as possible in surrounding disciplines outside of our own chosen discipline, will always be fruitful to the worker. 

No matter what field you practice or how you title your experience, Accolade will help you to embrace this proven concept.

Join Accolade for what will be a fantastic week of evidential mediumship, using practical exercises, focusing on one to one readings, and demonstrating to the class audience, in surroundings built to support and lovingly nurse your expansion of newly found energy to the surface, intensifying your link with your guides, and making your evidential mediumship the natural process it was always meant to be.

Remember the better the vessel, the greater our work. 

Think Awareness Think Accolade! 











Deborah Rees                                                                                                  

Intent – belief and Mediumship (hand in hand) mixed abilities

Accolade’s courses for the everyday person

On this fun and rewarding course, Debrah will be concentrating on finding the strengths within your mediumship.

Reaching deep within your abilities, recognising how you get your information from loved ones passed. 

                        We all have the ability to be inspirational speakers, conduct compassionate private sittings or to demonstrate our mediumship to audiences all over the world, on this course we will help you find these qualities and lovingly encourage them to the surface.

For those with some experience, let’s aim to get more clarity within your given evidence of those loved ones passed, let’s expand your abilities to really bring out the kind of evidence that can change people’s lives, and leave the world in no doubt. 

If you’re just getting started, and really have a desire to use your mediumship and make that link to spirit, weather just for yourself or as an on-going professional career in your life, then great, this training course is the best place to get started.

This will be a very practical course, concentrating on your one to one readings, and your delivery of evidence to groups, teaching you how to get the greatest evidence using the easiest of methods, it will be a course filled with exercise after exercise. If your goal in life is to use your mediumship to its best of its ability then Accolade Academy’s Deborah Rees is the perfect choice of tutor to help you make huge leaps within your development in a very short space of time.

Think Awareness Think Accolade!


Paul Rees (intermediate/advanced)

Communication in the 21st Century

Accolade’s courses for the everyday person 


Quality of evidence!

Keeping it interesting!

Holding the energy!

Three vital ingredients needed for the working Medium


Aiming at the more advanced student we will be concentrating on adding speed to your demonstrating which will enable Spirit to pass on more information in less time, and so strengthening your links.

Working to keep your demonstrations interesting by exploring double links, and mixed messages (working with more than one recipient at a time).

Throughout this course we will be spending time focusing on your psychic faculty as well as your mediumistic ability when working on your one to one private sittings, as more and more guidance is being requested by clients due to these unpredictable and uncertain times.

We will teach you how to work in less than perfect surroundings, how to hold your link when being distracted, strengthening your confidence and ability enabling you to take your services wherever the demand.

Remember to be a professional working medium you have to train like a professional, Accolade Academy’s Tutors have the experience and knowledge to make this happen for you. 

Think Awareness Think Accolade! 



Why the discovery centre:

Accolade’s reasoning for the discovery centre as its main venue in the UK is because of its practicality and basic but yet very relaxed accommodation, removing you from the stresses of your busy life, no western influences here. Its situated deep in the heart of 850 acres of beautiful parkland where 600 deer roam freely, Margam Discovery Centre offers high quality environmental education to all age groups, both residential and for day visits. The centre is a state of the art low carbon footprint building designed by The Weld School of Architects. Please note: The centre is not a hotel; it’s a teaching centre and built for that purpose, giving you the perfect class rooms to work and wonderful country grounds to relax.     


The discovery centre prides itself with all its welsh cooking being traditional, fresh, and home made , and all ingredients are sorted from local farms.




Also located on the grounds: Margam Park Castle


Margam Park and Orangery Gardens in its 850 acres of historic parklands near Port Talbot, is a tranquil picturesque garden of serenity and highly recommended for a visit. This is probably one of South Wales best kept secrets and yet it has so much to offer. 

Within the grounds you will find an impressive Gothic Castle, Monastic ruins and the 18th century organgery. The mountain views, gardens and woodland walks will lead you to lakes, deer parks and an enchanting peaceful landscape.

This area has been inhabited by man for over 3000 years when bronze age setters farmed Margam Mountain. The original Abbey of Margam was founded in 1147 by Robert Consul, Earl of Gloucester, and the remains of the Abbey can be seen in the grounds of the park today. The ruins are in particularly good order. In 1793 Thomas Mansel Talbot provided the magnificent eithteenth century Margam Orangery. The existing mansion in Tudor Gothic style was commissioned in 1830 and adds to the splendour and grandeur of the park. The mansion has had a chequered history during the 20th century. In 1942 the estate was sold to Sir David Evans-Bevan, proprietor of a local brewery and gradually fell into a derelict condition. Acquired by Glamorgan County Council in 1973 it benefitted from restoration in 1975 only to be damaged and left as a burnt out shell as a result of a fire on August 4th 1977. 

The fuchsia collection is housed in the Citrus House that was built in 1801 and the deer herd at Margam Park contains the largest herd of fallow deer in South Wales. Amazingly these deer are belived to be the descendants of a small herd that was established at the park in the fifteenth century. 



UK 2013 events
UK 2013 events
Click Title page for full UK address of event


 Mixed abilities training courses:

Accolades mixed ability development courses offer something for everybody, if you have done nothing with your psychic mediumship in the past, or you are a seasoned working medium, we cater for all abilities. Our Tutors build the courses around Student questionnaires and Accolade student history, allowing Accolade to be sure that each student really does get the most out of the course attended. Accolade prides itself in teaching the everyday person, knowing that this ability is available to all, not just the claimed gifted so giving very walk of life the chance to use a sixth sense that is natural and available to every given person.

Paul and Deborah's mixed abilaity courses have a growing reputation for being very busy, and fitting an incredible amount of work during your time with them, using methods of teaching that brings a simple and easy way of understanding your awareness, which makes for any student attending one of their courses a trusting and forwarding experience. 

 Intermediate/Advanced courses

Accolades intermediate/advanced workshops are great for the students who really wish maximise their ability to the best they can be, or for the enthusiast who is aspiring to use their psychic mediumship professionally or Part time. The intermediate/advanced courses are designed to help keep your mediumship fresh and up to speed, shifting out any habits that you tend to pick up whilst using our psychic mediumship daily/weekly. These courses are intense and will push your boundaries,  concentrating on your one to one readings, demonstrating, and learning how to get the kind of evidence needed, to work with difficult recipients.

We will also be discussing what’s expected from psychic mediums in today’s times, how to adjust, and use your mediumship in all kinds of working venues, the population advances with time naturally, and so should your mediumship, presentation and attitude if you wish to maintain today’s standards.

Select your perfect workshop from the menu below: